This year was all about Godot.

Games to Play

To the standard list of games including Rat is Fat and Boctok we added a new title. Paradise Volley. Our first 3D game.

Paradise Volley

Paradise Volley Screenshot

You can download the build that was presented on the event. You'll need at last GeForce 1050 to run this game and a at last one gamepad. Version optimized for older hardware will be available in the future.

Rat is Fat

Download build from Linux/OSX/Windows.


Download build from Linux/Windows.

The Booth

This year we make it light and colorfull. Almos hippie. Our main game world is a paradise island. And we have a fake palm!

P1X Booth Photo

P1X Booth Photo

P1X Booth Photo

P1X Booth Photo

Business Card

P1X Card

This is our new black design. White ink on black paper, rounded corners. It was simplified for this first batch. There will be a new version after that. We made them at

Our T-Shirts

P1X T-Shirts

Download designs (SVG) for 30x20cm print on black material.


The fameous Suchary Wojskowe SU-1. Tactical Polish Army cookies. You can buy them online, just search for "su-1" or "su-2" for double size.

Contact Us

Ask us anything at