True indie, free and open-source, Godot hub - thats our booth this year.

Games to Play

This year we choose two of our most popular games. Both for two-players. Those that fit best for the expo.

Paradise Volley

Paradise Volley Screenshot

Volley ball game with two blobbys as a main characters. The only rule is to put ball on the enemy floor nor yours. Beside that all tricks allowed. We even left small bug in because it become a fun feature that make people smile.

Game can be played by single player versus bot. But it will get boring after 2mins. Take some friend and it will deliver for hours.


Rat is Fat

Rat is fat and Shia is trying to motivate him to get fit. But the Rat does not want to exercise, so Shia decided, that he will beat the fat out of the Rat! Now Rat have to fight through groups of Shias, mice defending their cheese, and nasty spiders. Eat cheese and pills to get stronger and defeat Shia Prime!


Download build from Linux/OSX/Windows.

The Booth

Godot Devs at P1X booth

It was a true Godot Hub. All the importand devs visited and chatted here.

P1X booth

P1X booth

P1X booth

P1X booth


P1X booth

The fameous Suchary Wojskowe SU-1. Tactical Polish Army cookies. You can buy them online, just search for "su-1" or "su-2" for double size.

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